Staff Info

Managing Director
Winson Choo
Mobile: +65 9670 0793

General Manager
Charlene Zheng

Admin Executive/Clerk
Joyce Zheng

Sales Administrator
Yu Na
Li Hua

About Us

Our Managing Director, Mr. Winson Choo
Founder of Tropical Fish International Pte Ltd

We import and export tropical fishes, marine fishes, aquatic plants and aquarium accessories. Established since the 1960's, we have come a long way since then.

Today, we are offering a variety of fishes at competitive prices, in good quality and with high health standards.

We specialize in breeding all kinds of guppies and we cross breed them to get new strains in order to captivate the interests of fish enthusiasts.

Our exporting markets mainly consist of Europe, USA, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, the Middle East and other parts of South East Asia.

Our farm is more than 5 acres, consisting of a packing and quarantine area, which stands around 20,000 sq.ft. We are fully equipped with advanced facilities to meet our customers' needs & requirements.

We have more than 1000 glass tanks in our stocking area to quarantine our fishes before selecting the best quality to meet our customer's expectations. Most of our fishes, especially the guppies, are bred in our farm. We have about 1500 cement tanks and 6 (100 x 100 feet) ponds for breeding and growing our fishes.

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